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The Nigeria Diabetes online Community @theNGdoc …. Empower | Connect | Support | Educate

The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community #NGDOC is a nongovernmental, nonprofit making organization established for the purpose of providing sustainable human health development through online social peer activities like empowerment, education, connection and support for people with diabetes, diabetes health care professionals, friends, families and advocates in Nigeria.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the #NGDOC are to
(1) to improve the commitment to and effective use of the diabetes online community by all actors involved in diabetic care and advocacy;
(2) to strengthen the diversity and maintain balance in activities of DOC across board.
(3) to educate, motivate and advocate for People with Diabetes (PWD) effectively;
(4) to coordinate and interact with other organizations and initiatives working together towards the collective aim of Diabetes Prevention and Care in Nigeria.
(5) to increase the impact of Diabetes Online Community in Health Care and Policy making.

The idea of Diabetes online communities was conceptualized by Cherise Showkley in 2010 (@DiabetesSocMed) and in 2012 quickly spread to Australia, Europe and Africa

The Nigeria DOC utilizes social media and mobile phone campaigns to act as peer support groups for people with diabetes and therefore incorporates individuals, health care providers (Medical Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Laboratory Technicians, Community Health Workers), corporate bodies and nongovernmental organizations involved in diabetic care across Nigeria to establish an online presence that will act as diabetes support groups.

With the help of Paul Buchanan (@thegbdoc) the #DOCs was officially recognized by the International Diabetes Federation @IntDiabetesFed  (I.D.F) for peer support group and advocacy and every country is expected to have its Diabetes Online Community #DOC bringing together all major diabetes player into utilizing social media as a great tool for diabetes advocacy.

Here are examples of DOCs in existence all over the world and still counting: @DiabetesSocMed (U.S.A DOC), @ozDiabetesoz (Australian DOC), @es_doc (Spanish DOC), @theILDOC (Isreali DOC), @theCANDOC (Canadian DOC), deDOCde (German DOC), @thegbdoc (Great Britain DOC), @deNLdoc (Netherland DOC)

If you are a diabetic, a care giver or you’re involved or interested in Diabetes Advocacy and want to be a  part of the diabetes online community kindly send an email to thengdoc@gmail.com with your full name, company name or NGO and we will get back to you.