NGdoc Tweetchat


Starting from September 2015 The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community will engage in a regular monthly tweet chat every last Friday of the month 8pm – 9pm local time with the hashtag #NGdoc.

We aim through this tweetchat medium to connect, empower, support and educate people living with diabetes, friends, families, healthcare providers and advocates.

To do that effectively we need to communicate in a way and language that is acceptable and accessible to all. To parents, children, teenagers, friends, family, employers and people living with diabetes.


Be respectful. You can disagree with a post or comment, but please be respectful. Comments that are deemed to be hurtful, obscene or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.

Don’t spam us. Please don’t use this chat medium to solicit business or promote a commercial product.

Stay on topic. Keep your comments focused on the topic. Any other ideas or comments are welcome via our email address (thengdoc(at) .

This is a public platform, so please do not post any personal information or health information here if you don’t wish it public.

Kindly ensure you see your healthcare provider for specific clarification. Don’t use information on this platform as a substitute for seeing your healthcare provider. If you have specific questions, please contact your provider for appropriate care.

Kindly note that we might be forced to block ANYONE who is deemed to have behaved inappropriately.

*A note to all Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Diabetes Industry Professionals (DIP)*

Please respect that this is a platform for people with diabetes (PWD) to meet, chat and feel supported, safe and secure.

Please do correct factual mistakes with references. Please also allow us to express our opinions!

Thank you.