Children who develop diabetes in Nigeria and  Sub-Saharan Africa are dying within a year for want of insulin, a drug which keeps hundreds of thousands of young people well in the developed countries, experts are warning.

Supplies of the drug and the syringes needed for daily injections are erratic in many places in Africa. Some families walk 250 miles to get the insulin their child needs while most can not even afford it.

DiabLink was created as a platform for advocating for the welfare of Type1 diabetes children and is embedded in and developed from The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community (NGDoc).

DiabLink is a response to the realization of the problems children living with diabetes face or will face upon diagnosis.

In Nigeria,  75% of the total population lives below $2 dollars a day​.Diabetes treatment costs are ongoing and very costly.

Below is an outline of some cost estimates for the basic ​expenditure​s.

  1. Insulin Pen: $94
  2. Accu-chek glucometer: $56

A recurrent expenditure of:

  1. Insulin Catridge: $40 per box of 5
  2. Disposable Needles: $44 per 100
  3. Blood teststrip: $20 per bottle of 50

It would be particularly difficult for people in the middle and low socio-economic class to afford this treatment​. As such​,​ these children are predisposed ​to complications or eventual death if adequate care is not in place.

DiabLink is aimed at the management of Type 1 diabetes where parents can’t afford treatment​. It also aims to link Nigerian and African children living with Type 1 diabetes with others globally, encouraging pen pal relationships among them, thus creating social peer empowerment.

The objectives of DiabLink includes:

Provision of insulin and other expendable to support nigerian children living with T1Diabetes from families who can’t afford treatment.

Creating a platform for Penpal relationships between children living with T1 diabetes in Nigeria and contemporaries within and outside the country for social peer support.

We look forward to partnering with interested individuals, corporate organizations and NGOs to help us make this life changing endeavor a possibility.

For more information please send us an email on: t1diablink@ngdoc.com


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