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The Diabetes Youth Care of Ghana, Sonia Nabeta Foundation of Uganda and the Global Advocacy organization T1International organized a diabetes camp and advocacy training for children living with diabetes in Africa.

Thanks to the generous support of T1International.

Omolade Onafowokan represented The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community (NGDoc) on an all expense paid trip  to Accra Ghana courtesy T1International and domestic support from NGdoc.

The diabetes advocacy training has already been yeilding results as Omolade has embarked on a project which aims at creating diabetes awareness among young school children “Catch them young”

According to an article sent to us by Omolade:

Many people lack knowledge about diabetes in Nigeria and awareness through diabetes education can reduce discrimination among peers and other people in Nigeria.

After the diabetes advocacy training that took place at Ghana, I went to schools in my community to give a health talk about diabetes education. I realized that diabetes is easier to ignore, if you don’t have first hand fact and initiative. Some people lack diabetes education and this brings about misconception about diabetes.

Increase diabetes awareness and education will undoubtedly help to reduce the health complication; Diabetes education program can enlighten and motivate a community as a whole.

On the 21, September 2018. I visited schools in my locality to talk to the students and staff about diabetes because I personally saw diabetes education as a way of helping individuals with diabetes, pre-diabetes to understand the importance of blood sugar, sign and symptoms of  hypoglycemia management of diabetes, healthy eating habits life style etc.

I also observed that diabetes education is a means of setting solid foundation for better diabetes care, it is designed to provides individual with necessary skills and knowledge for successful diabetes management into their daily life because the ailment goes beyond families.

In addition, it allows people to engage in their own health as a means of putting what they have learnt into action.

In conclusion, diabetes education among student will help to reduce misconception discrimination among peers and it will give maximum effectiveness. 

Omolade Onakowokan

We wish Omolade the very best in her endeavors and we wish to specially thank TiInternational who made her flight, accommodation and training possible.

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