The Kim Kardashian-style keto diet can increase risk of diabetes, new study warns.

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The keto diet, favoured by Kim K , has become increasingly popular in the Nigerian space for a few years now . In a recent report by researchers in the Journal of Physiology, keto diet is said to be linked with an increasing risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Keto diet became popular for its perceived ability to cause weight loss and reverse type 2 diabetes but ironically, a study by ETH Zurich and University Children’s Hospital Zurich found that this low carb but high fat diet contributes to insulin resistance, making it difficult for the body to respond to normal level of insulin, increasing the blood glucose level and causing your pancreas to get to do more work.

Insulin is an hormone released into the blood by the pancreas and used to control blood sugar levels , it also signals the liver to stop producing sugar. If this mechanism is impaired, the liver would no longer respond and would continue sugar production. This is called insulin resistance.

This increased risk was noticed during the early stage of the diet, according to the study which compared different diets; a high fat diet and a ketogenic diet in two groups of lab mice.

Keto diet was invented in the 1920s as a way to cure epilepsy.

The difference between keto diet and regular low carb diet is that it restricts both carbohydrate and protein intake instead of just carbohydrate intake. It is said to create a lower insulin environment and ultimately reduce fat stores.

Researchers however say more research has to be done in this area.




Source : Eurekalert

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