Happy 2016


Season’s Greetings,

It is with great joy I congratulate us all on a successful out gone year and anticipate a greater and fulfilling 2016 ahead.

Looking at the achievements we had in the past years, we can’t but extend our profound gratitude to our partners,directors and our over 30 amiable volunteers whose activities pro-buono keeps us going.

Thank you all for investing your excellent spirits in ensuring a better life for people living with diabetes.

In a chaotic world marred by  religious extremism, wars, gender inequalities, natural and man-made disasters, communicable diseases, we at NGdoc remain resolute at making the world a better place for people living with diabetes one step at a time.

Through the wonderful support of our partners and commitment of our volunteers we have become one of the foremost youth led diabetes organizations locally and globally.

As we start the new year I wish us all a more fulfilling and rewarding year ahead in all our endeavors.

Your continual support, partnership and encouragement is highly solicited as we unveil our activities for the new year.

2016 is a year of more social peer support engagements with more national influence on policies and diabetes care.

My Co-Founder and I have personally committed as part of our new year resolution to raise funds to support diabetes awareness and care for NGdoc and T1International – a non governmental organization whose charity activities have influenced advocacy and T1 care in resource poor settings.

This fund will be committed to advocacy, access to essential medicine, diabetes awareness and care in resource poor settings, and importantly locally inspired diabetes research works.

So when we come to your door for your support ; please let us join hands in saving the world together.

Thank you

Adejumo Olamide Hakeem,
The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community.

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