DIABLINK… A platform for children living with Type 1 Diabetes in Nigeria

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Someone once told me our children are dying, our future is dying and Type 1 diabetes mellitus is the killer!

Type 1 diabetes mellitus formerly known as “juvenile-onset” diabetes because it was thought to develop mostly in children or young adults but now has been known to affect people of any age.

Prevention they say is better than cure. The most devastating part of type 1 diabetes is that it’s neither preventable nor curable and it affects children more. As a chronic disease with serious consequences, if left untreated, can result in death.

Type 1 diabetes is most likely a polygenic condition with a number of potential environmental risk factors being implicated to include dietary factors, initiation of bovine milk in babies, infectious agents (for example viruses like enterovirus, rotavirus, rubella), chemicals and toxins, —but results have however been inconclusive.

Type 1 diabetes is usually caused by an auto-immune reaction where the body’s defense system attacks the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

Children with Type 1 diabetes produce little or no insulin- the hormone that. converts sugar, starch and other food into energy needed for daily life which makes them require daily insulin in order to control blood glucose. Consequently lack of access to insulin will result in complications and might eventually lead to death.

Most children with diabetes may end up developing debilitating complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes ketoacidosis – a common presentation at the emergency centers in hospitals. All these complications from Type 1 diabetes are devastating for these children, their family, and the health system.

Besides physical problems, children with Type 1 diabetes can experience anxiety and depression from living a restricted lifestyle. They may lose productivity due to school absences because of the development of complications. Changing personal routines can also affect other family members. The physical, social, economic and emotional burden of Type 1 diabetes can’t be underestimated.

Even though diabetes is a serious problem, it is manageable and requires appropriate and timely intervention. Diabetes can be managed as insulin replacement through lifelong insulin injections everyday, following a healthy diet and eating plan, taking regular exercises and monitoring of blood glucose levels regularly.

The management of children living with Type 1 diabetes poses a huge financial burden on their families especially in the developing world. Most families can not afford a continuous availability of insulin for these children resulting in most complications and death.

In view of these challenges, Diablink was created as a platform for advocating for the welfare of Type1 diabetes children and is embedded in and developed from The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community (NGDoc) as a response to the realization of the problems children living with diabetes face or will face upon diagnosis.

Diablink is aimed at the management of emergency cases of Type 1 diabetes where parents can’t afford treatment and subsequently linking Nigerian children living with Type 1 diabetes with others globally, creating pen pal relationships among them, thus creating social peer empowerment for them.

For more information on Type 1 diabetes mellitus in Nigeria you can read our piece on “Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Nigeria: rare or not obvious” – here

Until recently funds for the availability of insulin as well as building supportive communities for children with Type 1 diabetes have been generated internally by NGdoc volunteers but we look forward to partnering with interested individuals, corporate organizations and NGOs to help us make this life changing endeavor.

Health is a right not a privilege; let’s build a world that is fit for all children because every child matters.

Foluke Ajose

Partner with us today and together let’s touch lives of those living with diabetes in Nigeria. We can be reached on +234 703 885 5224; +234 812 616 2561 or t1diablink@ngdoc.com for further discussions.

Dr Foluke Ajose is an NGdoc volunteer and is currently the coordinator of Diablink.




  • Yemi Adenola said,

    This is a very commendable getsure.

  • Olayinka sulaiman said,

    A nice piece, never expected anything less. If all can be concerned and massively consider T1DM children as too important to be neglect, in due time the world will be like heaven for them too.

  • Dr Foluke Ajose said,

    Thank you bro

  • Olayinka sulaiman said,

    Information they say eradicates ignorance, thank you Doc. For allowing God to use you for a good work, which many people appreciates as its in a right direction to humanity uplift. Keep up the good work. Diablink a concept for actualization of T1DM children’s dream.

  • Dr. 'Folajimi O. Senjobi ™ said,

    Good work dear,
    Looking forward to being of help shortly.
    Well done.
    Dr Folajimi Senjobi.

  • banji said,

    Great works Dr Foluke.

  • Tolulope said,

    This really informative,good job,thanks for the awareness

  • Emmanuel Andrew(Arc.) said,

    At last there is HOPE for children with Type1 Diabetes through a very concerned and commendable effort from DIABLINK. Archibliss world is willing and ready to lend the needed assistance and support towards consolidating and making this initiative program a huge success. Kudos to you Dr. Defolu. Keep the light BURNING.

  • Engr sawyerr jacob said,

    I must commend you Dr Foluke Ajose of NGdoc volunteer and also the current coordinator of Diablink.

    Its an incredible information platform which has brought about a sound understanding and broad knowledge about what this type 1 diabetes mellitus is all about and the danger it exposes mostly children to,as it can also be found in people of various age category.it’s sad that its non preventable nor curable,but it’s a relieve that it can be managed and such organisation as yours are up to the task of managing it in our children.tremendous humanitarian effort by you and your team.

    I’m truly interested at doing all that I can to ensuring that a bright course such as this meets its projections.

    Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  • Ajose Abdulkareem said,

    This is a very nice piece of information… like u said Health is ur “RIGHT” if only our Government would realise this and stop running after Enriching them selves only… looking forward to u achieving ur innovations…God bless & be with u as u av it mind to help the needy….

  • Josephine Omotola Adeniji-Soji said,

    Laudable applause to you dear. Well done and keep up the good work. Thanks to the Ngdoc team for creating this platform for children with type 1 diabetes. Looking forward to working with Dr Foluke Ajose in any capacity possible.

  • Hakeem Adejumo said,

    Its always good to have passionate advocates volunteer for people living with diabetes.

  • Olashile Salami said,

    Useful piece of information and enlightenment. Weldone dear. Lets all work together to make Nigerian Children more healthier cos they are the future of tommorrow!!!

  • Olabisi Ajose said,

    This is quite encouraging as it gives hope to children living with Type 1 diabetes.

    Keep up the good work doctor, you are well appreciated.

  • Ibijoke Ajose said,

    Hihgly informative article, healthy children will bring about a healthy future for Nigeria. More grease to your elbow doctor Foluke Ajose.

  • Omobolanle Nollah said,

    It’s essential that parents take precautionary measures and the Government should listen to our concerns and have a legal duty to support children with Type 1 diabetes with their many contributions.Let’s give hope and atleast leave an impression on a child’s life today.To my Doc-sis,i know how much u must have worked on this.Your determination is admirable,must commend u on this amazing effort.You’re a Class Act! Well done!!!

  • Milton Job said,

    Dr. Foluke Ajose, well done for the initiative and commitment of your NGteam concerning children with Diabetics. We stand with you and fully support your efforts. Please publish NGdoc banking details to receive donations. The Lord God will bless your efforts. Amen.

  • Dr Foluke Ajose said,

    Thank you so much for your contribution and support, our donation details would be ready soon and it will be sent 2 u in no time. Thanks again

  • Sotikare Oluwaseyi. said,

    Wow! this is very encouraging.tnx for giving them hope n God bless you.

  • Dr Olagoke said,

    I commend your efforts towards starting this advocacy group and particularly for correctly selecting vulnerable kids who are unfortunately affected with this disease, and as such need all the help and kindness to get on through life.
    I hope to see these little efforts of yours subsequently leading to a big conglomerate that will bring succour to many vulnerable kids with DM all over the globe especially in the African subcontinent.
    Kudos and keep it up!

  • Ibidunni said,

    Thanks for this piece of information.Thanks for giving our children hope again,May God continue to increase you in knowledge and Wisdom.

  • Omogoriola Abdual Rasheed Ayinla Ajose said,

    Thank you Doctor Adefoluke Ashabie Olaide Omo Ajose…..This is a very good Alert and also very educative Awereness@ the same time….Our Government needs to pay more attention to preventing disease(s) such as this rather than looking for the cure when it becomes an epidemic……Then they will start searching for a solution to cure it rather than preventing it……! Too much Salute to your time and effort for putting the awareness together…..More Loving Greese to your elbow…..! Please Stay Blessed! Ajose1

  • Dr Adeniyi David said,

    nice one doc,kip d flag flying.

  • Bawa Marian said,

    Wow!! Knowledge they say is power. I commend your efforts and say a big thank you for this piece. I personally find it informative and interesting to read. My heart goes out to the children living with diabetes and also to their parents. God bless you & give you the orobo portion of his blessings & divine favour. Well done Dr Ajose!!

  • Ewubare Kesiena said,

    Doc Foluke, you’re a blessing to our generation. If all Doctors were like you the world would be a better place . Thumbs up dear

  • Yinka said,

    This is a very good write up that educate & create awareness. It would take U 2 places.Keep it up

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