The Birth of @theNGdoc


The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community #ngdoc @theNGdoc is a nongovernmental, nonprofit making organization established for the purpose of providing sustainable human health development through online social activities like empowerment, education, connection and support for diabetics, diabetes health care providers and advocates in Nigeria.
Since its official launch on twitter on the 1st of March, its growth has been tremendous with the 1st Nigeria Diabetes discussion #ngdoc taking place on the 10th of March,2013 9pm GMT.
The discussion was centered on Diabetes Awareness in Nigeria – how much is too much” co-hosted by @theNGdoc and @diabeticare aimed at accessing the level of awareness and the adequacy of the information about diabetes circulating among Nigerians.
The discussion had 23 participants with 182 tweets and 34,885 impressions. Full transcript available here
A big thank you to the #doc for the inspiration and motivation to initiate this laudable step in Nigeria.
Join us on @theNGdoc on twitter and NGDOC on facebook to be a part of this great family.

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